Synoptic Project – Production (part 24)

For the most part, we’re done the MVP version of our project. I worked on some test builds last night and everything seemed to work fine at home, so hopefully it’ll just be a matter of handing in this latest version – we won’t actually be graded on the project until the expo on June 21st, however we still have a lot of things we would like to add before we could consider ourselves done.

Overall, I feel like we’ve all put a lot of time and effort into the project (which is well reflected in our individual contribution forms, as seen in mine below). I’m so proud of our group for the efforts everyone has put into this game – when Marc and I first pitched the game, I never imagined it would all turn out as well as it did.


We didn’t end up doing a scrum on our last day, however we did discuss some of the plans we have for the expo, which should be our main priority after we’re all done our portfolios (which are due on June 8th). We have a few ideas for things we would like to include as promo material, as well as merchandise to give out to anyone who visits us and/or plays our game:

  • Hoodies with logos/game title embroidered on – Marc and I own an embroidery machine, so we’re going to give that a try with some cheaper Primark hoodies.
  • I’ve bought supplies to try making some pins to give out, as well as to keep on us for advertising – we’ll have about 50+ of these, so hopefully enough for anyone who comes to see us.
  • We have a friend who owns a 3D printer, so we were thinking of looking into making some small trophies (on keychains, perhaps) for anyone who successfully completes the game within a set amount of time.
  • The 2D artists can make some promotional posters and/or print out our art book contributions, to show off the concept art that went into the game itself.
  • We’ll need to do a commercial-like video to show on one of the 3/4 monitors we’ve got reserved in Matt’s room – this will have to show the basics of the game, but not give away any of the clues/answers.

We were having some serious issues figuring out why our Normal maps were disappearing after launching the .exe file on the college computers. Oddly enough, for a normal build, when you launch the Unity game it would ask you what level of quality and what aspect ratio you’d like. In the case of this game, it doesn’t ask you, and luckily Ant figured out the computers were launching with the very minimum quality (not excellent or fantastic, like it should be for a VR game). By holding down CTRL while double-clicking to open the game, it should open up the options window and you can then choose the correct quality. This meant the build I did last night could be used as the MVP submission!

Other than that, as I’ve been saying all this time, we’re going to work on our portfolios, focus on the expo, and I’ll write a bit more wrapping up the post-production of the game.


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