Synoptic Project – Production (part 21)

Below are the minutes we managed to post:


This is the first day I’ve not been at Animex this week, so I’ve been unable to add any new work to the project. However, I did get a lot of useful feedback from a number of people we had testing the game last time we were at college. There were a number of things pointed out, which will help polish up the product in time for the final build.

As a result, I have a number of things I’d like to tackle once Animex is over:

  • The lobby area feels fine, but it would be better to have GIFs/Videos showing how to use the controls – players tend to react better to those than static images with a lot of reading (which will likely get ignored).
  • The safe door still doesn’t feel intuitive, so it might be better to take away the need to grab the handle, instead animating it rotating downwards once the safe is unlocked, and then the player can just grab into the handle and open the door.
  • There are some minor issues with the gramophone allowing two records to play at once. There could be a way to translate a record to a “safe spot” if there’s a first record already on the gramophone, thus preventing the player from overlapping them.
  • The piano needs to be a bit more lenient with the keys – I should find a way to allow a double-press to still register, since sometimes it can be really easy to hit a key twice without meaning to.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got at the moment to talk about regarding my work, however everyone else who hasn’t been at Animex (I, Marc, and Adam are there, so Nikki, Caitlin, and Eve aren’t) have been working quite diligently to get everything finished. The artbook was due on the 14th, which Eve managed to finish just fine, and there are models/concepts regularly being finished by the others. I think it’s excellent we can rely on our team to continue working really well even though half of us are missing! It will be good to get back into this next week, so hopefully the next blog post will show more progress!


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