Synoptic Project – Production (part 20)

It feels like it’s been a while since a last update, although to be fair we’re all just keeping our heads down and trying to get as much done as possible before we go on break. The artbook deadline is also coming up soon, as well as the prelim deadline for the MVP product, so we have a lot going on that we need to pay attention to. With that said, we had a quick scrum in the morning (especially since we didn’t have classes yesterday), however some people forgot to put their minutes up so it looks a little sparse.


There were some very funny issues with the scene transitioning from the lobby to the main room, which I mentioned in my minutes. I’m not too sure why the transition just wouldn’t work right and finally, when I did get it working, the lighting seemed to get completely messed up (I’m sure it’s something to do with inheritance and global lighting, which I didn’t particularly want to waste a lot of time fussing with).


I thought I could just reuse the original storyboarding I did at the beginning of the project to show the player how to use the controls – it could be a temporary solution until someone else more artistic than I could come up with something better. The lobby itself just allows the player an introduction to the controls, which will help for those who’ve never played VR. It also feels a lot better than if we tried to fill the room with text or voice-overs that some players might miss hearing – there isn’t a way to miss the writing in the lobby, unless the player actively ignores it.

I’ll get the rest of the team to have a look at it and see if it serves its purpose, then I might ask some of the lecturers what they think, since this was implemented off the feedback we received our last check. Overall, I’m happy enough with the concept of the lobby and I like it a lot better than the other ideas we were coming up with; I was thinking I could even add some of the credits to this section, so they appear at the beginning of the game rather than at the end.


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