Synoptic Project – Production (part 19)

The day after our MVP check-in and a quick scrum later, here are our minutes:


The team worked really hard to get things into the scene for MVP yesterday and I’m very proud of the team work we’ve all been exhibiting. Each team member communicated really well last week and, as a result, we got some good feedback (which I went over in yesterday’s post). However, I forgot to mention that we also managed to catch up on our burn-down chart!


We did end up editing our list a couple weeks back for a more realistic tally, but at the same time a lot of items got finished up just before MVP. I was really pleased with the hard work and now we have a few more weeks to polish up the game before being ready for hand-in.

I did have some issues with scene transitions in VR, which I was working on since this morning and I mentioned in the minutes above…

In theory, “dipping to black” is really straight-forward and a nice was to transition between scenes. Unfortunately for us, I’ve found that doing this same sort of thing in VR is NOT as straight-forward… this more has to do with the way the Vive transitions between scenes. If the load time is long enough, it actually can shoot the player back into a “nether realm” (as I like to call it, but really it’s just an empty black/white world space) while the game is loading.

So, I currently have two options: (1) use this empty space as a forced transition location while the game loads, which is what SteamVR supports with its own fading script, or (2) keep the lobby area and the puzzle room in the same scene; doing it this way, I can alpha a shape over the VR camera space, teleport the player to the proper puzzle room, then alpha the shape over time again.

I think I’m actually leaning towards the second option. The scene itself isn’t that bloated and doesn’t lag that badly. There are also a lot of issues with scene transitioning and keeping the global lighting intact. I’m not sure why it happened, but the scene either brightened WAY too much or was just too dark to see anything too useful. It seems to be some sort of error that isn’t worth fussing over when I have a way to implement the lobby without scene transitions.


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