Synoptic Project – Production (part 17)

The scrum minutes from this morning are below:


I don’t have a lot to talk about in comparison to yesterday’s blog. I was working on trying to get a small menu interaction system working using our idea for a book sitting on the desk…


I tried to achieve this with trigger colliders, so the player could just tap/point to which book item they would like, but I don’t know how intuitive that actually feels while in-game. It would be good to integrate a some sort of indicator which item is being tapped, because currently the setup doesn’t allow me to use the plain/highlighted images individually (something I’d need to speak to Eve about, or edit the images on my own).


The script is exceptionally straight-forward and I tried to incorporate a fade as well, so the transition wouldn’t be as jarring to the player in the headset. I didn’t get a chance to go into the VR room this afternoon, like usual, so I might just have to see what it looks like when I get home or later this week. It all seems to be working fine in the viewport, but I’ve learned not to trust that anymore compared to what a person sees in VR!

Other than that, the rest of the team seems to be progressing well. I’m glad to see Marc making headway on his sculpting, which he had to bring his own laptop in for so he could use his Zbrush licence. Adam’s globe is starting to take shape and looks very good; it’ll be nice to have some extra items to interact with that don’t necessarily pertain to clues/puzzles! Of course, Nikki has been making excellent headway on the clues themselves, which are so important for our MVP check and I’m glad they’re almost done. I’d like to get them in-game and texted as soon a possible so we can make any alterations before next week, but I don’t anticipate any issues after seeing most of them already. Caitlin’s making a comeback from her cold and is helping try to make objects that will decorate the room, starting with a very nice looking plant pot. Finally and thankfully, Eve is doing so well with the artbook, which will be due sooner than the MVP deadline and I’m glad we have someone dedicated solely on that part of the project.

All in all, everyone is doing really well!


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