Synoptic Project – Production (part 12)

Today was more about being in VR than adding anything new to the room. We had a very quick scrum before spending a majority of the day in the VR room at school.


In the end, Marc and I managed to figure out what was going on with the textures after A LOT of Googling. We tried a couple of suggestions from some other students who had a similar problem, but the fixes didn’t seem to work for us. Instead, we tried a couple of fixes that worked differently depending on what the model required. There were two models with issues:

1) Adam’s lamp needed to be transparent, but keep the dirt detail he’d painted on. I used a legacy shader to achieve that look, and I think it looks pretty awesome with the flame and light inside.

2) Marc’s cabinet doors needed to be glass from both sides, so he adjusted the doors on the fly to accommodate. I could use a standard shader with a fade render; this kept the blue-ish tone of the glass that I think works really well.

Overall, we learned something new, although I do feel like the day was a little wasted because of this set-back. I also don’t know how much more I’m going to be able to accomplish before Insomnia, but we’ll see!


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