Synoptic Project – Production (part 8)

Not much of a change from yesterday to today. Our scrum was quick, but everyone is pushing forward as best they can:


As I noted above, I had some small things to work on still, including putting the same fix to the safe button that I’d done with the piano keys. I was also really concerned that the key pattern wasn’t resetting properly and wouldn’t catch the correct sequence when the player finally did put it in. I ended up putting in a start position and end position for the button, constraining it within those to points, rather than relying on a float point.


This just meant there was no way the button could float through the safe… which is what it was doing before.

The chess boundary was actually pretty easy using trigger boxes and adding in some small parts of scripting to the chess pieces themselves; the entire premise behind adding this into the game was to avoid losing integral parts of a puzzle to unlock the room. Players could easily lose the pieces without even realising it and unintentionally might ruin their experience in the game.


Again, I think we all realise there are things you do in VR that you might not necessarily do in a normal 3D game – there’s a lot more goofing around than normal, because there’s so much more interactivity. This just introduces a way to prevent a broken game playthrough.


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