Synoptic Project – Production (part 6)


It was nice to start seeing some of the items go in-engine, even if it was for testing purposes. As seen in my last post, we got Marc’s cabinet, Adam’s chess pieces/table, and Nikki’s piano in for sizing/demo. We worked out the kinks with scale, which there were some issues on each model. I think the result of this testing has been the modeller’s learned a good lesson about VR: things can’t necessarily be scaled to real-world measurements and often need a slight (<10%) up-scaling.

As I mentioned in my scrum minutes, there are some things that I’d like to implement for MVP which I hadn’t originally thought of. They’re not essential to achieving our MVP deadline, but it will make the overall feel of the project a lot better.


The key lerp was something I’d already mentioned, but the others are things that were thought of during testing. We have to prevent unwinable situations where the player may lock themselves out of a game end by playing around in VR. That’s the entire joy of a VR game: the fact that nearly everything should have some degree of interactability. However, players can also be silly and make mistakes without even meaning to, so the game’s design should compensate for that.


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