Synoptic Project – Production (part 5)

I have not been doing so well in the last week. I caught a stomach bug last Tuesday night and I haven’t been able to shake the side-effects of it since. Sadly, this means I haven’t done much of anything on the project and I certainly feel the resulting pressure.


I don’t have a lot to comment on about the group dynamic. We’re moving forward and I keep repeating the same sentiment of worry over deadlines. I know the rest of the team feel it, too.

Here is the video in full of the three puzzles and interactability in the room, which I’ve used snippets of in previous posts. I know this project is going to end up looking and feeling great, but I also need to concern myself with feeling better health-wise. If that means getting behind on schedule, then I’ll have to make up the time elsewhere. I echoed those sentiments and apologised for the lack of work over the week to the rest of the group.


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