Synoptic Project – Production (part 4)

I’d had every intention of going home last night and concentrating on finishing the door locks, but after a full day at school I just didn’t have it in me. Here are the scrum minutes from this morning:


However, having spent all day today working on the locks, they seem to be fully integrated now! It took A LOT of effort to have it work the way I wanted and I still have to add some code in to lerp the key from the player’s hand to the lock, but it’s functional.

Which means more videos to show the other aspects of the room in action:

I first began the door script really simply: as long as all the locks have been opened, I could invoke the unlockDoor Unity event (editable in the inspector). After that, it was a matter of coming up with a script that could be used for when the player brought the key to within the lock collider boundaries.




I also needed to detatch the key from the player’s hand manually… which was an interesting adventure into figuring out how SteamVR’s player script really worked with the controllers. As it stands, the key drops from the player’s hand and is destroyed, but I agree with some of the team members’ other idea: the key could still detach from the player’s hand, but do so immediately after it hits the trigger collider, to then lerp from its position to insert itself into the keyhole. It would also no longer be interactable at that point, fully enforcing it’s use has been spent and that lock was opened.


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