Synoptic Project – Production (part 3)


Above were the notes from our scrum minutes this morning – I think it’s been a productive week on a personal level, but I think some of the team members have been struggling a lot. There isn’t much more to say other than they need to stick to their individual production schedules and they’ve all been communicative regarding any issues that have arisen due to personal circumstances.

With Marc’s help, I’ve manage to take some gameplay footage of the whitebox in action, including the chess board puzzle, the safe combination lock, and the piano key sequence.

I think the three puzzles work at an MVP level and I can move on to other aspects of the room, including reworking the door locks (especially how we would like the keys to work, since the piano should automatically unlock the corresponding lock).

Below are the various scripts I ended up creating to get the piano keys and puzzle to work. The key press script worked similarly to the safe button press and seems to fool the eye enough – the keys don’t rotate downwards like on a normal piano, but it works.



The piano master script registers which key has been pressed and stores the sequence. However, I would like to revisit this script when I have more time: the problem can be if the player is just fooling around on the piano, the correct sequence might not register because other keys have been stored beforehand.

I thought a reasonable solution to this would be implement a timer, where the input sequence gets cleared after a few seconds of inactivity. It’s not ideal and I sometimes think it would be better to rework the script entirely, but it’s there and it’ll work. I can always change things during our stretch goal period if I have the time, but first I want to make sure everything essential to gameplay is in place.

I’m hoping our group morale will steady out and that we’ve not burned ourselves out already on this project. I can understand people having issues, but at the same time there needs to be a higher level of confidence/progress from all of us.


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