Synoptic Project – Pre-Production (part 4)

Today wasn’t as different from what we were all doing yesterday. I think everyone has pretty much just put their heads down to get their work done, which is good. I’m exactly the same, utilising the VR room once again to get as much done as possible. Our scrum was really quick, with people writing up their minutes:


I haven’t been able to Bandicam the work I’ve been doing while I’ve been in class. I have basic scripts from the SteamVR package that I can take ten steps further to incorporate into the room puzzle mechanics we’re trying to achieve.  I think we’ll end up having it work like a clock face, with numbers 1 – 12 corresponding to different degrees.


It doesn’t look like much, but it’s an attempt to be sure that things are in place for when assets will be brought in and the code has to be transferred! We’ve got the chess board, which currently works if the pieces are moved into the right place – this was all seen in the initial prototype, however I had to fix a few things about it… hilariously, you could actually reach through an grab the key from within the secret drawer. So, instead, once the player gets the correct solution, the key actually instantiates instead.

I also threw together my own individual production schedule, which will hopefully help me with my time management since there is A LOT of stuff that needs doing before MVP/Stretch is done.


It’s midterm next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to get plenty done! We’ll also try to stay in touch throughout the week, so the group will have at least one online scrum to check in on where they’re at.


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