Synoptic Project – Pre-Production (part 2)

Our scrum minutes from this morning are as follows:


I think the team is working capably, however I am a bit worried about the time we have in comparison to the speed in which things will get finished. We need to make sure we stay on top of our to-do lists, which I’m hoping everyone else agrees with. The modellers are going to have to spend some more time now on texturing as opposed to concepting, so the concept artists will have to be on their game to get the designs ready and approved. I’ll remain optimistic, since the work for the last two days has been very promising!


First thing in the morning, I just wanted to make sure that everyone was happy with the production schedule, asset list (we sat for a long portion of our time together to come up with this), and burndown chart. For the rest of the day after that, I sat working on various other parts of our documentation. I feel like we’re on good track with all of the pre-production documentation so far!



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