Synoptic Project – Pitch Group Selection

Today we found out our group for the pitches, which also meant that we found out Marc and my pitch was chosen – yay! We also got more feedback about the direction of the project and the parts people will be playing within development.


There were a couple of surprises on the list, as well as the fact that there are six of us on the team; we didn’t expect to have any concept artists, but we’re very glad to have them. It will take some time for the 3D modellers to get used to NOT having to sketch out their own concepts, but I’m sure everyone will be able to work together on the entire pipeline.

The notes box above actually says:

Really well pitched project. You will need to make sure you design the puzzles really skillfully – this will be the biggest challenge. Ensure you unify your style across all artists – I really love the lower poly, World of Warcraft style textures. You could create these textures in substance painter as well – just think about your use of analogous colours! Eve : You should work on producing any 2D art assets that may be in the escape room as well as producing concepts for the environment and individual props. I think this will give you a great opportunity to work as a concept artist would in the industry! Caitlin : We have put you in this group because you voted for this and we think you will work well. However, we are going to run your project with another group and will therefore give you the option of being a part of that group if you so wish! Please bear in mind you will need to unify your creative style so that all assets look like they belong from the same world and style.

Of course, the hardest parts are (as said above) creating interesting puzzle mechanics and unifying the artistic style across the whole game. We’re a big team and we’ll need to emphasise the importance of communication if we’re going to manage this project to the high standard originally envisioned. I’m also the sole programmer and pseudo-game designer, so I’m going to have to be very clear about what I’m doing with the mechanics, puzzles, and game flow. It’s what I’m most worried about, but I’m up to the challenge and hopefully we’ve done enough thinking about this project to just hit the ground running on Monday morning!


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