Synoptic Project – Pitch Presentation

This afternoon, the pitch presentation went very well – we’re really confident in the fact that it will be one of the pitches chosen to continue on with, which is excellent news since Marc and I are excited to start working on the project properly. We spent some of last night just reviewing the slides and making sure we covered everything necessary. We’re also sure that, at the very least, Adam and Nikki asked to be put onto the project with us, which we’d be very happy with.

The class was also given feedback as and when each presentation was finished; since we were the first ones to go, we got ours pretty early on.


Trapped in Bleak Manor – Continuation (Art perspective) Great consideration for location and texture style. Beautiful storyboard using great digital techniques to create a professional asset. Very specific elements which gives to product clear vision. Concepts are great and clearly show the visual elements you would like. Beautiful digitally painted images. Professional presentation and pitch in general! Confident delivery. Role breakdown well considered from previous experience.


Trapped in Bleak Manor – Escape room featuring puzzles. Beautiful presentation. Minor story elements linking to the puzzles. VR product for HTC Vive. Clear research. MVP goals are clear, realistic and achievable. Stretch goals could have been more specific, however, the general ideas here are nice. Gorgeous playboard making great use of digital techniques. What are you going to do with the HTC Vive controllers as 3D models? Great initial prototype especially because this is VR – strong base to build from!

Below are the slides from the presentation, but also here is the Power Point copy: Marc and Kelly Logan – Pitch Presentation

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re now just waiting to see what happens after being told that we would find out what our groups are later this week. Personally, while I would like to work on our pitch, my second choice was Adam’s (which was a VR adventure climbing game akin to Indiana Jones tomb hunting) and my third choice was an official request from an art gallery who would like a VR experience for online viewing and/or potential for a phone app.


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