Synoptic Project – Pitch Preparation (part 3)

The week was fairly straight-forward and work continued over the weekend. I focused more on finishing up my playboard before anything else, trying to get to grips with SketchUp since I’ve never actively used it for something like this before. I can see why it’s a useful tool for quickly getting down a level layout, although I do have a lot of gripes about the controls. Either way, I finished mine shortly after Marc finished his, so we could add them to the PowerPoint and move on the the hardest parts!


After setting up the shots in SketchUp, I brought the pictures into Photoshop to add in the controllers and the glow effects. I think the panels give a clear idea on how the player will be able to move around the world and interact with things like drawers and small objects, all in order to complete the room’s puzzles and unlock the door. At first I was a bit aggravated by the fact I had to playboard something that was just in its infancy, but I’m very glad in the end. I found it to be very helpful as a basis for going into plans for the initial prototype.

Outside of that, I don’t really want to show the pitch slides until the presentation is over, but I’m hoping that we’ve got enough information; the KISS mentality (Keep It Simple, Stupid) was touted on the how-to slides, and we only have five minutes each, so it’s best not to over-complicate things either… something we tend to stress ourselves out by doing.


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