Synoptic Project – Pitch Preparation (part 2)

Since we had a lot of the bare bones of the pitch ready to go, we started working on the actual PowerPoint presentation – this seemed like an easier option that to put it in a video.


The colours chosen for the Must/Should/Could deliverables are likely pretty telling, which meant Marc and I were going to include everything in the pitch. We were told we would have 5 minutes each to present, which means we could go into a little more detail on each topic we would be covering.

Elevator pitch in a nutshell.

We also went and listened to Stephen Hey – I took some useful notes on his section about how to write an elevator pitch. It was very interesting to see the examples he used for his own pitches (which he called X-Statements) as well as how he included pitch pillars. We thought we’d be able to emulate the same sort of thing, so we sat down after the talk to hash it out between us.

20_01_2018 13_41 Office Lens

I actually much preferred how we presented this version of the elevator pitch with the pillars included, so we’ll go with it. Marc started working on his storyboards from the notes we took yesterday about different puzzle ideas. I decided I would work on mine as well, using SketchUp to show different kinds of mechanics that players will use throughout the game: namely, teleportation and interactions. The bonus will be that I can use these playboards to then make an initial prototype.

Everything is working out really well and I’m hoping that our pitch gets chosen in the end, because we’re both very excited to work on this project! It’s not difficult for Marc and I to work together, obviously, so getting everything ready for the pitch will likely be the easiest part of everything we do for Synoptic.


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