Imagined World – Presentation and Reflections

This blog has come in a little late – I think the entire team felt burnt out once the presentation was complete. Marc and I both got sick over the winter holiday as well, so that meant any progress on our skills stagnated dramatically. However, we’ll be returning to school on Monday, therefore it felt important to look back on the Imagined World project before we dive into the Synoptic Project. We’ll have two weeks to work on our pitches, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time given the scope of the project, but Marc and I have been told we’re allowed to pitch together if we want to.

First of all, the PowerPoint presentation went well, although it seemed like we went over our alloted time (?) and didn’t receive much feedback on the day of. It was indicated we did well and the final result was excellent, so it was just a matter of waiting for them to update the spreadsheet online with written feedback.


There were a few issues with the PowerPoint playing the example videos, which I had a feeling would happen, so they likely also won’t show up properly within the file above, but it shows a majority of the work everyone contributed to the project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, the feedback:


Fantastic work. Your project is really outstanding for the time you have all had on the project. Think about all you have learnt on this project and use it to jump ahead on the Synoptic Project.

We needed to take a lot away from this. It’s so easy to creatively burn out during these sorts of projects, especially towards the end… which means we’re going have to be very careful during Synoptic. We have a tendency to overachieve (not trying to sound conceited, it’s just the truth given where we are in our lives) and any deliverables we’re given are knocked out of the park. We’re not just aiming to create an MVP game, we’re wanting to make a fully-functional game demo. It’s going to be hard work, but hopefully we’ll learn more about self-managing our time so we don’t work morning, noon, and night on the project and nothing else.


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