Imagined World – Production (part 19)

Marc and I have been having some stressful time with our pet cat at home, so work on the project has come secondary to taking care of him. That being said, a lot has been put into place for MVP (which is apparently happening tomorrow during Ant’s class). This suits us rather well, because I did manage to fix a few things and start a list that’s a group to-do for some of the final touches we’ll need for the 18th.


I’m very happy I fixed a DOF issue with some of the glass textures in the scene, as a few people pointed out they were blurring correctly. This actually has to do with the way Unreal handles transparent materials, which is what the glass and, incidentally, the lightning in the scene are made out of. Once again, the fix was simply a matter of a ticky-box hidden within the material settings.


By turning off “render after DOF,” the material will also be affected by the DOF on the camera. This is, apparently, very taxing when used so it’s turned on by default. However, because we’re trying to make an environment, not a game, turning it off fixes a load of visual issues.

Marc also spent some time making up some menu buttons for me to put on a start screen. I ended up using the first shot of the scene, since everyone commented that it would make a cool menu graphic, and added in some wet raindrops to the camera lens as a post-process material (this was really interesting to learn about, where a number of these material can be added to the lens for effect).

I think it turned out really well and the team seem to like it, so I hooked it up in the level blueprint to return to the start menu once the cinematic is over. It all seems to work really well and I like the idea of having a start/quit option. I also added in a pause option, which can be used by pressing space bar during the cinematic.



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