Sounds for Imagined Worlds

The music that was chosen during class about three weeks ago was a song by Led Zeppelin called “Carouselambra” and certainly reminded a lot of people of an arcade or fair ground. However, I imagined something different what I listened to it again after a long time since I last heard it.


I asked three other classmates during Tony’s lesson about what they thought of the image, as well as told them what I thought of theirs, and I didn’t receive (m)any negative comments. Marc is always my best critic and points out when there’s something incorrect in one of the few drawings I come up with. In this case, he mentioned the lines on the closest jet fighter should be thinned out to match the other fighters and that the buildings should have some ground shadows to add ore depth to their placement in the scene.

Looking at the scene, there are a couple of things I feel like I could fix; I agree that ground shadows would have been nice to include, but I also liked the simplistic style of the city below and the colour scheme – when I was listening to the song, no wild colours jumped to my mind, therefore I kept it in a cooler scheme. The whole time I pictured a scene out of an ’80s action film, like Top Gun. I didn’t quite picture them in the desert like in the movie, so I went with a mountain-side city instead.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment and often I struggle to come up with scenario ideas; a method like (using music to inspire) this could work really well for me if/when I feel the need to draw. I used a lot of external art to make up this drawing, including models from SketchUp as well as Google images, and then drew over top to add my own elements to it.


In Photoshop, I threw up some guidelines (after the fact, but now I realise I could have made the image with them on for reference) and noticed that I didn’t really follow the Rule of 3rds that well. While some of the key elements of the drawing do intersect the lines or their crosshairs, the positioning of the jets could have been better to keep balance in the image. I also should have moved the tallest tower so it intersected a vertical line. However, a lot of my city does follow the vertical lines nicely, which should draw the eye up to the planes with the mountains behind, and then finally the sky/clouds.


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