Imagined World – Production (part 11)

Once again, we were a very pro-active group this morning by starting off with our scrum, where we discussed a number of things that we’ll need to finish off sooner rather than later. Adam had volunteered yesterday to work on the panorama for the scene, which I’m quite thankful for and I think will make a huge difference to the overall look of the environment. Marc also was gearing up to finish the store front assets, so I’ll be able to import those and test them out very soon.


As I said in my scrum minutes this morning, there wasn’t much that I worked on last night. However, throughout the school day, there were a couple more things that I managed to finish off:

  1. I tested out a custom made light-flicker blueprint for the street lamp asset, which was interesting because it had to also change a parameter in the material (the brightness of the emissive) so it would actually look correct.
  2. The store windows needed a curtain and the modellers have been super busy, so I quickly went into Maya to make one myself. I actually animated it for a little bit of a wind/movement, but then realised that it’s inside a store display and likely wouldn’t be moving after all. It was still a useful extra to learn about nCloth!

My to-do list is looking okay for now, although I’d like to speed through some of the other stuff as soon as possible, so we’ll still have plenty of time to work on lighting and cameras.



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