Imagined World – Production (part 10)

We’ve been working all week on our Imagined World project and I think the progress has been steady but true. Our Monday scrum was rather informative, showing what people have been and will be working on, especially for the rest of the week.


I had my words about the day/night cycle during the scrum, expressing my concern about whether it’s been done to an adequate standard and if it will work for what environment we’re trying to accomplish. We were told that it has been done and brought in to be shown, however then found out that there are version issues with the work – it had been created in 4.18, while we’re using 4.17 (which half the college classrooms also have). The coding has also been done within the level blueprint, so couldn’t be copied over or downgraded. This means we’ll just have to wait to see it in 4.17 instead.

I worked on a couple of new things, checking the following off of my personal list:

  1. The awning still felt a bit stiff to me, since other assets in the scene were moving due to the rain/wind, so I thought to add a bit of tessellation to it. I’m not entirely happy with the result, since it looks a little too shaky, however for MVP it will do and I’ll revisit it if/when I get a chance.
  2. I added in a small animation on Nikki’s dumpster, as if the wind is trying to rattle one of the lids loose.
  3. All of the new assets have been added into the scene, including the commercial building with display window, the bike/rack, and street lights.  I also added in a God Ray (light shaft) from the street lamps to make the lighting look more natural – it had felt odd beforehand, and while I learned how to make the asset (an inverted cone) and the material myself, Unreal also has some built-in content to use for that exact need (since there’s no supported volumetric lighting in Unreal yet).

I managed to take a couple of videos, especially showing the God Rays on the lamp posts. However, after asking what people thought, there was a request to make the emissive light on the lamps a little more yellow and less pure white. I can see reason behind that since not all street lamps are the bright white LED variety; I’ll quickly tone down the whiteness and check to see if it’s better.


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