Imagined World – Production (part 9)

Our scrum minutes for the one day we were in class this week were as follows:


I’ve not accomplished half of what I set out to do in my scrum notes, but my Sunday is still young! Before the end of the day, I would like to get the lightning particle system done to see it in-engine with the rain (which I forgot to re-import), explore more about the vertex painting, and acting on the feedback we got from the lecturers:


Trello is up to date with great presentation and management. It is clear to see how the production is moving along with the use of due dates, images, comments and more. Production is moving along steadily and plenty of technical lessons have been learnt. Try to be craftier with the low-priority issues, such as matte painting the distant visuals or quickly copy-pasting buildings to make adjacent streets. Camera movement can be reduced to avoid battling with masking out those distant areas if needs be. Use depth of field on static cameras for close ups on special assets. Don’t feel you need to rush around the scene. Look at loading and unloading levels to make day-night transitions if the changes to the weather system, lighting and models are too intensive. Get a mockup of the camera in asap and interate on it.

I think this feedback is positive and filled with constructive criticism about the state of the cameras, our worries on what to focus on, and how to manage the scene in the best way: I think the outcome will end up being I’ll mock up a loading/unloading of scenes for the day/night aspect, since we STILL don’t have a day/night cycle. During our quick scrum, we re-iterated to Mark the importance of seeing a few options, and he could look into doing this scene-change as an alternative, but we’ve somewhat lost hope on that front. It feels rather discouraging that we’ve not seen any of the work he was meant to produce, so hopefully something will start happening very soon.

Beyond the scrum notes, I HAVE managed to do some extra work that I’m very proud of. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning more about blueprints, which I put to use to hook up a timed system for Adam’s traffic lights. I thought that it would be a great addition to his already impressive work, especially if we wanted some shots of it with depth of field on to open up the camera panning.

You can also see Marc’s mocked up buildings in the background, which he’d given me for usage last week, but since then he’s managed to finish all of the six pieces for importing. We spent hours trying to work on some texturing issues, which ended up being fixed in time for a lovely shot with some of my foliage to hide some nastier shadowing issues.


I’m loving the way the scene is starting to look – you can see Nikki’s awning and neon pharmacy sign, as well as the lamp posts Adam quickly made from his original traffic lights (we realised we had nothing for nighttime ambient light along the streets). I really do like Marc’s texturing job, I’m just sorry that I couldn’t fix the odd shadow at the ground level where the two buildings connect – the impressive part is how well the modular design has come together, making the buildings look as though they were modelled all as one piece. This also means I could change around the spacing of the windows and add some more windows on the sides of the building, to emulate more closely what you would find in real life.

It might be difficult to see the subtle movement of the phone book and the trees/bushes, but you can also see the video I tested added to the subway screen (we’ll have to come up with a subway schedule or make some fake adverts to put up eventually). This will be the basis for the scene to be built up from, so I’ll need to fully populate it this week on top of the other jobs on my list!


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