Imagined World – Production (part 6)

We had our quick scrum meeting this morning, which turned into more of a proper heads-together meeting to figure out what issues we’re each having. I think some hiccups have occurred along the way since last week, which has put us ever so slightly behind our burn down chart schedule. We’re meant to be at 43 items left at optimal schedule, but right now we’re at 44, so it’s not the end of the world; we’re just motivated now to catch up on our work even more and get more of our items checked off the list.

Our minutes this morning were as follows:

SM16102017As I mentioned in my meeting minutes, I’ve been doing some experimenting in the environment over the weekend (which I blogged about previously). I would like to continue by seeing what added details I can add for the weather, which got me thinking about adding some lightning to our stormy setting. I went through YouTube looking for inspiration, so I’ll leave these here while I work to make my own blueprints in my whitebox environment.

I would like to also test out Marc and Nikki’s windows with the second tutorial below, which I think I’ve posted previously. The whole group have agreed to start dropping their finished models into our Google Drive account and I’ll be able to start playing with vertex painting, shaders, emissive map lighting, and things like the reflective windows.

I’m hoping to have a more concise whitebox environment that will contain the full weather system (rain, fog, and lightning)  as well as the other elements already being toyed with (foliage, vertex painting, emissive maps, lights in the scene, etc.). There are still a lot of things to do, but I think we’re still in a good position to complete the project at it’s MVP with more than enough time.


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