Technical Model – Asset Review

I asked Caitlin to have a quick look at my model and see what she thought. The feedback form does lend itself to having a finished model, which I don’t yet, but I’ll certainly be taking what she said on board:


Asset Owner Name Kelly
Assessor Name Caitlin
Do they have enough research images to inspire them? Yes, it looks like she has looked at many different varieties of telephones/ pay phones.
Do they have enough reference images? If so how can you tell? If not why and what should they do to fix this? Yes, she has taken into consideration the many varieties of pay phones and even came up with some sketches to work from.
Do they have a plan for what their high model will look like and what their low model will look like? Do you think this plan will work, if so why? If not what would you suggest? After speaking to Kelly she said she has a plan in her head but is yet to put it down on paper. I would suggest she does this once she has completed her low poly.
Should they have drawings for this model? If so do they have them and are they sufficient? If not why and what should they do to fix this? As it’s a more realistic model I don’t believe she needs any drawings for the model, however she already has a drawing made up.
What is the topology of their model like? The topology is working for the model. It does not appear that there needs to be any improvements on this area.
Are there any technical issues with their model? (Overlapping faces, n-gons, tris, isolated vertices, etc.) On the actual phone box itself there doesn’t seem to be any n-gons or tris but currently on the receiver there are some tris that need to be addressed.
What is good about the quality of their model? After looking at the model I think it resembles the reference photos that were looked at. In its current form it looks like it will look realistic.
What could be improved with the quality of their model? Making sure the low to high plan is adhered to. It’s difficult to give suggestions when the model isn’t yet complete.
What should they do next and why?
Finishing off the low poly model and then moving onto the high poly.

In class we were asked to exchange feedback on our technical models thus far. Caitlin and I sat with each other to look over our models and I got some good feedback about mine. Overall, it’s easy to see that I need to have a proper high-to-low plan and just continue working on the low-poly version – I need to move on to the high-poly version as soon as possible and then seek out further feedback from my project team on what they think.

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