Substance Painter – Turtle Texturing

Today we were given a sort of crash course on how to use Substance Painter at its most basic level – I did touch on Substance and used it a bit last year, when I textured my two models in Concept Art (the robot blog post and vehicle blog post). However, I learned much more about how to use masks to get the best results while painting up different UV shells. While we were going to use the model Substance Painter provided for their Meet Mat competition, it wasn’t working correctly so we reverted back to an old faithful model:┬áthe t-pose┬áturtle.

While we were given the low and high-poly versions of the turtle, Matt suggested we use the low-poly so we could learn about baking our work onto the high-poly next week. This is a two week exploratory period, however I feel like I ended up with a finished product that I quite like. It reminded me a lot of a familiar little bad guy from a famous Nintendo franchise:

Itsa me – a koopa!

Using the layers, much like in Photoshop, it’s easy to segregate and manipulate the areas you want to texture. If you use a black mask, anything white you can see and anything black cannot be seen. If you use a white mask, it’s the reverse. We were also shown how to add fills, which were so much easier to cover larger sections of colour – combined with masks, you can play with the colour combinations on the model more easily and change any of the masked colours with a click of the button, rather than having to repaint everything over again.

LayersFor the turtle shell texture set, to the left was what I ended up with for the layers. The first square (checked or filled) is the paint properties, while the black/white squares are the masks.

This worked out really well for texturing the different parts of the shell, since I was playing with colours for a long while before deciding on the ones I ended up with. It also made adding on alpha stamps (the various scratches and scars on the turtle) a lot easier.


As I said, I’m happy with the way the model turned out – although this is the third time I textured something in Substance Painter, I feel like there’s still a lot more to learn.

Here is the link to the Sketchfab version, but also below is a quick turntable view of the final product:

What would also be nice is trying to bake these textures onto the higher poly version of the model – I mentioned already that this was alluded to by Matt in class, so I’m going to make sure I see what the pipeline process would be for that, since it’s not something I’ve done before. Other than that, since playing about in Substance is meant to be a two week deal, I’d like to try texturing another basic model to see what else I can come up with!

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