Hello to Trello

I was actually really looking forward to this topic, since it’s something I’ve been interested in for a while (especially when I found out it’s an important part of our synoptic projects this year). I’m an organised person by nature and I love lists, post-its, scheduling, etc. I did this a lot for the projects I worked on last year and do it regularly in my personal life, so this is something I would really like to implement to all my group projects from now on.

Gary spoke about a few different pieces of software, although three of them went further in his recommendations: Trello (free), Redmine (free), and Jira (paid for).

There isn’t a load to blog about, but we had about half an hour to fiddle around with Trello in a mock project setting. We were grouped up with other students on our banks and had to make up some jobs to fill up the Trello project board with. There were a couple of different ways this could be achieved, but using the following aspects seemed to be SO useful:

  1. The labels can be used in a number of ways – we were using them to designate what tasks were part of which job (so Game Design, 3D Modelling, Programming, etc.). However, Gary mentioned that they could be used in a traffic light fashion to signify the urgency of a job.
  2. Having a “To Do” list where all necessary jobs are listed, so then people can pick them up and put them into their own lists while they’re being worked on. The other option is using the “Assign Member” tool to show who was working on what, although it’s not easy to quickly see what people are working on all at once.
  3. Using notifications and calendar reminders are SUPER important. It was also good to find out that there is a compatible app with Trello, which can keep you up to date on everything going on within the project.
  4. We found that perhaps it would be good for one person to have overall control over the project, instead of giving everyone admin rights, but it doesn’t look like this can easily be limited. While I doubt anyone would like to be sneaky about it, this does mean everyone will be able to change due dates, reminders, etc.
  5. There seem to be a TON of other programs that can be used in conjunction with Trello – the ones I’ve looked at are Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, Calendar, SurveyMonkey, and so many more. I can see how these really emphasis the utility of Trello and how we might be able to use these during our Imagine World and synoptic projects.

Capture1.PNGIt may be a bit difficult to see, but above is the project board we ended up with. As I said above, I can see how this is going to be extremely useful and I’m looking forward to implementing what we learned today into the group projects we’ll be doing for the rest of the school year!


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