NextGen Year 1 – Contents and Highlights

I decided to (roughly) split up the links into their designated subjects – hopefully this will make it easier to navigate through them. Where there have been multiple posts for a project, I’ve only included the last of the posts.

Concept Art

Robot Design – Developed Design (part 4)

Dystopian Utopia – Final Model (part 3)

Nightmare Project – Animal Mashup (part 2)


ImAwesome Ident (Re-Submission)

Break the Cycle – Animation Project (Submission)

After Effects – All Stars Roller (part 2)

After Effects – Expression Controls (part 2)


VFX – Company Logo (part 3)

VFX – Sky Replacement

VFX – Skin Replacement

VFX – Jedi and Magic Tricks

VFX – Final Project (part 4)

3D Modelling

3D Room – Second Submission for “Thinking Inside The Box”

“Wacky Races” Project (final)

Arr! Here Be Pirates! – Modelling Project (part 4)


Walking Simulator (part 3) – Polish and Peer Review

Asteroid Dodging in 2D (part 5)

Trio Game – Further Practice (part 2) / Dot Products and Trio Game (part 3)

Jam Prep – City Fox (part 3)

Game Design

Maze Game – Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Halloween Game (part 2)

Christmas Game – Final Touches (part 3)

2nd Christmas Game – Finished (part 3)

Game Design Analysis (part 1) / Game Design Analysis (part 2) / Game Design Analysis (part 3)


Global Game Jam 2017


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