VFX – Final Project (part 4)

I suppose it’s high time to post a wrap-up reflection about the VFX final project process and actually post the end result – as a result, this will be a very quick blog, since there isn’t much to say beyond what I wrong in my previous post about this project here.

While I’m a bit self-conscious since I’m in the video, the main focus should be on the effects within the video, not me! I’m actually quite happy with the end result, especially how far it came from the initial conception stages. I’d only ever really included the apparating and shield, but now the colours are darker (adding a creepier feel to the atmosphere), there’s a little more action with the projectiles, and I’ve added in some basic sounds. I’ll be happy to include this in my portfolio; I think the whole project took about 6 weeks to complete and I’m glad I started when I did for the additional feedback I was able to receive.

The original footage was taken on a sunny day, so it took some time to make it feel like a foggy, shaded scene. I also like the activity on the shield a lot more after it was suggested the fractal noise be upped and the effect be made brighter. The projectiles I got from Production Crate, which has been a lifesaver for this project (along with the couple of YouTube tutorials).

Unfortunately, uploading to Vimeo does reduce the quality of the video, so it feels a lot grainier than the version I’ve got. I think it looks very good in my portfolio, which I’ll make a separate post once I’ve delivered it on the 5th. Until then, I feel like I’ve learned loads doing this project, from different filming terms to aesthetics/timing to create an appealing 8-ish second long clip.

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