VFX – Final Project (part 3)

I haven’t had much of a chance to post about the project, which I suppose is equal parts good and bad – I’ve made a lot of headway and dip in/out of the project a lot when I’ve got free time, but I also tend to forget to document a lot of the process as I’m in the middle of it. The last time I posted, I’d merely had my plan in place as well as my storyboard mapped out. Since then, I’ve had time to take my footage, go through some tutorials, and add some personal touches to the whole project. As a result, I’m in a good position to take the next few weeks and just fiddle with additional touches.

Just for personal preference, I would actually rather not post the footage on here since it contains images of me and this is still a public blog. However, I’m very pleased with the work as it stands and what I have planned for it over the next few weeks. Gary has been giving me a lot of useful input, as have other students (like Marc) I’ve shown the footage to, so I’ve actually progressed slightly beyond the original concept. What I love so much about this project is how organic it is – even though you set out with one idea in mind, the creative process is fluid enough to continue adding to it and see it grow into something even better (I hope).

The biggest issue I’ve had still would be hardware limitations, which I’ve likely mentioned in previous posts about After Effects. The program is very taxing and sometimes it can take a lot of time to check the quality of an effect when running at such a low resolution/down sample. I’ve found sometimes going into college can help, since the computers are slightly better equipped to run AE over my at-home rig, despite the latter being overall better for other things. Either way, I’m not going to let it slow me down, because I see the light at the end of the project tunnel and I’m positive this will make an excellent addition to my portfolio presentation!

As can be seen, there are a lot of aspects to the timeline and (very small to the right) the project has a lot of components now. I’ve brought in extra effects to add to the area, such as a kick-back to the spell casting, dust puffing up during the apparation landing, and even magic missiles to hit the shield with a magical reverb included.


I think that last part has actually been my favourite addition. Previously, my footage and effects just seemed to stop with the incantation of the shield, but now there really feels like a reason for the shield being put up in the first place. I also really had to reduce the size of the shield, since it was taking up half the footage and seemed… odd. It felt more like I was protecting something in front of me, rather than my own person, so reducing the shield, making it brighter, and speeding up the fractal noise on it just made it more alive. Then adding things to hit it makes it seem solid in the scene, with its own dust circling around it and energy behind it.

I’m eager to continue adding bits and pieces that pop into my head into the project, but I do need to work on some further colour corrections – the dirt parts don’t look part of the scene enough and I think I might change the enemy incoming spells to a different colour, in order to differentiate them from the blue of my own shield. I’ll play around with the colours and just see what I like best!

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