Arr! Here Be Pirates! – Modelling Project (part 4)

I’ve continued working on the industry-standard model while in class – unfortunately, most of my out-of-class time was taken up by the animation project as well as other class projects, so I haven’t progressed as much as I would like matching exterior class hours. However, I have made it quite far with the model and it’s now in a position to be UV unwrapped. I feel that time is running out for this model, which would be unfortunate, but we’ll have had two weeks of the Programming game jam take up all class time, then one week more before our mid-term break. As of this moment, the following tasks remain for the model:

  • UV unwrapping low-poly model
  • High-poly modelling
  • Test normal map bakes
  • Colour/specular texturing
  • Wireframe/3-point lighting renders
  • Final professionally laid-out images

I spent a majority of my time (when I was last in class) polishing up the handles, re-doing the hierarchy to include all the new parts and making sure everything was labelled properly, and colour-coding all the separate parts so that I’ll know what materials are what once I bring them into Substance Painter for texturing. I also decided to re-jigger the feet, just to see if it would help with my work in Mudbox, since I feel like those will be the biggest change between the low and high poly models.

I’m quite pleased with the model itself and I think it’ll make a good addition to my portfolio, even if it ends up being included in an unfinished state. At this point, I’ll be happy to work on it throughout the summer just to finish it off, if that’s what has to happen. It seems like a large chunk of the rest of the group are in about the same position as me, where they’re ready to start unwrapping and working on their high-poly versions, so I think we’re making good work on the project as a whole. I’ll post again when I have more to update about!

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