Arr! Here Be Pirates! – Modelling Project (part 3)

Work continued on the modelling project today for a couple hours in class. As it stood, last class I finished off my proposals and verified my design plans with Matt and the rest of my team. Everything seemed fine, so this class I was ready to start work on my low poly model.

Firstly, I thought it would be a good idea to bring in my sketches on image planes so I could work while referencing them. This was something mentioned last week and I thought it would be a really good idea – it beats constantly having to reference the physical drawing and trying to translate that to the digital version. I could re-scale them and get some idea of proportions, as well, which makes modelling from drawings or other images very useful.


I began the process of modelling the chest with the usual primitive cube and just started building outwards. I modelled the L-brackets separately, much like the skull is its own model, which I’ll combine them for bringing the whole thing into Mudbox afterwards. I needed them on the low poly model, though, so I could add the details via the high poly and baking process.

I encountered some issues with the creasing, smoothing, hard edges, etc. After asking about further details, Matt picked up on some N-gons that I’d not noticed. These were creating shadows during my smooth preview that I was quite confused about. Although I ran out of time this lesson, I’ll have to go over my model with a fine-toothed comb and check that I don’t have any other bad geometry.

I’ll have to look into creases and hard edges a little more, so that I can keep the sharp edges of the chest as clean as possible. This will only really be important when I’m ready to bring the model into Mudbox. I still feel like I have a couple more things to add to this low poly model: I’d like to fix the skull so it has some depth to the eyes and key-hole nose. I learned last time during out high-to-low baking that, if there isn’t a silhouette for the higher details to show on, then the model can turn out looking very strange.

Outside of that, I think this has been a good start. If I have some time during the Easter holiday, I’ll likely try to finish off this low poly version and start the UV unwrapping. Once we come back from break, we’ll be doing UV mapping in class and I may pick up some reminders/new information, so I’d like to make sure I’m in a good position for the schedule.


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