Arr! Here Be Pirates! – Modelling Project (part 2)

Today was a rather relaxed class for me with one main goal: I needed to finish up my front/side view sketches for the chest I’d chosen for modelling and then come up with a plan for how I’ll make my low/high poly models.

I wanted to make sure my final sketches for this concept art were detailed enough that they’ll be easy to follow once I start actually modelling. I needed to get final approval on my low/high poly plan as well, to ensure I would be heading in the correct direction. After speaking with Matt, he recommended that I treat this as a chest in the real world; while the majority of the trunk would be made out of one object (wood and metals in this case), the items like the swords and skull wouldn’t be extract from that same material. It would be better to model them on top and then integrate those models with the chest.

While I’d been a bit concerned about that particular aspect of the modelling, this set my mind at ease. It would be the same situation for the handles on each side of the chest; they would be nearly impossible to make from the same model as the chest.

Overall, I think the sketches and my annotations get my point across and I’m not looking forward to begin my modelling.


The main colour scheme for the chest will be woods with metal attachments in gold/brass. The swords will be metal with the pommels looking like they’re wrapped in leather or some similar material. I would like to make the skull look like it was carved from bone, with the “teeth” etched into the model rather than being individual parts. I thought this would look better, but also give me a chance to do some extra stuff in Mudbox – I’ve not had much opportunity to work with the program, so it would be nice to work with it for this higher-end model.

According to the tracker sheet, my next tasks will be:

  1. Model the low-poly version of the chest
  2. UV unwrap the low-poly version
  3. Model the high-poly version of the chest

The remaining schedule is as such:


We’ll be moving onto Week 3 next Tuesday, so I’m right on target to finishing with time to breath (I hope). I know we’ll also have the Easter break for two weeks, so I hope to give some time to modelling during that lull in classes. Other than that, I like the direction I’m heading in, however the only concerns I’ll have will be when it comes time to working with the high-poly model. I want to do this chest justice, so I’ll have to be very sure about the details I’ll add from the low to the high versions.


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