Character Design – Own Multi-Head Idea (part 4)

In class today, we were meant to try drawing more heads, but I’d already done a page of individual heads. Instead, Tony had mentioned previously that he’d like us to come up with a design that could include heads from a variety of angles (something that could take up a full A4 page) so that we gain a better understanding of character designing. I think this is a very important exercise for drawing up characters and coming up with concepts, especially considering I’d never drawn characters before.

With all of that in mind, I’d had an idea that I wanted to toy with and sketch out – I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, so I needed to do a little research first.

I’d thought of making a Medusa/Gorgon figure with a central face/head, but rather than the snakes having reptile heads I’d make them into human heads. It sounds a little like a Mengele experiment, attaching human heads to snake bodies, but I think it could work if I put enough time into polishing the design. I didn’t think I should make too make snakes, just to keep the drawing simpler for myself, but also so each face could have their own expression – I wanted to give them reptilian features, such as their eyes, flatter noses, and scales.

The only issue I had was trying to draw on the college tablets. They’re not the most responsive devices and mine at home is much better, so I’d like to continue the finer design work on that. Otherwise, I may print out what I have, transfer it via tracing paper, and continue on with pencil/paper. That would mean I’d likely have to scan it back into a painting program like Krita to finish it off, so that may be more work than it’s work and I’ll just stick with the digital medium.


I think it’s a weird enough design that I’m liking it, but the snake bodies (ie, how they contort or twist from their base at the head) are the most awkward things for me. The heads were drawn from references I’d used in previous posts, which weren’t too bad, and I think I captured a number of angles that will work well with the bodies. I need to start refining the rough sketch now, focusing more on the central face for now and then moving outwards to the bodies, and finally finishing off the smaller head details. I’m looking forward to continuing the drawing and learning more than a thing or two in the process.


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