“Wacky Races” Project (final)

The end is nigh and we’re ready to call this project complete. We’ve learned a number of things from the very first stage of planning all the way to the end where we needed to put together everything for the renders, including adapting the lighting to suit the scene. I think our team-of-four did amazingly well and it’s the smaller touches and placement of our models that have really pulled our island together.

My previous posts on this can be found here: “Wacky Races” Project (part 1)“Wacky Races” Project (part 2), and “Wacky Races” Project (part 3). I’ve gone over a number of the models I’ve made for the project and the contributions I’ve done towards putting everything together.

We were shown how to render in wireframe, which will be extremely useful for some of my more complex models and how I choose to present them in the future. The wireframes of the current models aren’t exactly impressive, if only because of the simplistic nature of the low-poly items. I do really like how they compliment the rest of the island, however, and how we could position Sophie’s bunnies around one of the shacks.


We worked on the lighting of the whole thing together, as well as putting the pieces all together, and we decided to go with a dusk setting. This would be complimented by the subtle glow of the lava/volcano, which we were shown we could add a subtle glow/incandescence to via its shader.

Rather than putting all of them into a slideshow, I’d like to show off the the hero shot individually first – it took a little while to get Turtle set up properly for rendering, but using that has made the whole project look that much better.


Marc managed to find a background which works so well with the colours already a part of the island and I think this piece actually looks very professional – it will look very good in all of our portfolios! This whole experience has just reinforced team efforts and the results that can be accomplished. The whole is a perfect sum of its parts and I look forward to any further group projects we might have, even if it’s just to see how other people work or what other ideas are out there.

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