Jam Prep – City Fox (part 1)

We were asked to begin prepping a 2D top-down game for the exam jam in May – we needed to incorporate all the elements we’ve been learning up to this point, which seemed quite similar to the trio game we’ve just done. I decided on starting simple and folding in as much code as I could; if I felt compelled, I could have a duplicate of the game and add new code I learn on my own onto it, but I think the main goal of this exercise is to just be ready for the jam.

Since we had to make our own assets, Ant gave us all a post-it each and told us to list a few things that we wanted to accomplish that lesson. We would then have a visual reminder of what we needed to do and have the satisfaction of ticking things off as they’re finished. I’m a huge fan of checklists, so I made mine up as such:


If it’s illegible, the top-right corner explains the premise of the game as “play a fox running around a city, digging for food and avoiding people/other animals.” I thought I would be able to have some cars and people on waypoint scripts, moving around, along with some “enemy” animals (like maybe dogs) or pest control workers who will come after the fox. I will add some pick-ups, perhaps in the form of apples or something, that the player will need to get before getting to the exit.

As can be seen, our goal for Week 1 of this would be to decide on a theme/setting (done), develop essential assets (partially done), add basic player movement (done), and create blog post introducing explaining the game (in the process of doing!).

Above are some of the assets I drew up in Animate – I really enjoy drawing in that program. I find it so much easier to draw in that rather than free-hand in Photoshop or Illustrator. I think they turned out just fine for purpose and plugged them into Unity, starting up a Level 1.


I laid out just a quick idea of what the first introductory level could be like. I still need to put in pick-ups and an exit route, as well as game over mechanics, but the movement and waypoints are in – I need to fix it so the car and person change direction depending on the direction of movement, otherwise they’ll be walking/driving backwards!


I’m going to continue working on this outside of class and add in a menu screen to start, a game over mechanism, and actually put in the pick-ups so I can have a level-win condition. Overall, I think it will go as well as the trio game did and I’m already endeared towards my little cube fox!


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