Mocha and Keylight Practice

After doing some of the character design work in our class on Friday, we also had a little time to practice using Mocha and Keylight again with some footage Peter provided.

Our goal was to replace the green screen on the original footage with the Mocha & Keylight logo and make it look as realistic as possible. The footage will look less crisp than the logo, so it’s important to keep that in mind at some point, using blur effects will help blend the two together.

First, I brought in the footage and the logo into a new composition and then went to Animation > Track in Mocha to bring the footage out for adjustment.


I first started with adding the red-squared x-spline layer and then put in the planar surface. From there, I could track it back and forth, then bring the data back into After Effects.

I could then add a solid to my project and paste the Mocha data onto that. I then checked to see that the tracking worked fine – which it did – and added in the logo above the solid. I pre-composed the two of them, just for ease of working with it all, and it all seemed to work quite nicely. However, just as suspected, the logo looked just too crisp with hard edges on the tracking. It was also tracking a little funny, since the bottom of the screen still had some of the logo appearing before the girl holds up the tablet to show it completely.


This was where the Keylight practice came in: I could clean it up and then add some blurs. I needed to add another layer of the footage at the top of the composition and then add a Keylight effect. I could choose the green colour and adjusted the screen matte settings so it would best pick up the colour (this was a 10/73 black/white clip balance and a slight screen softness of 1).

Once I’d done that, I could add a motion blur (I didn’t need to change the settings) and gaussian blur (with the blurriness set to about 2.5) to the logo, I think it ended up looking quite good. I love the simplicity of using Mocha and Keylight for things like this; I understand this was an easier exercise, but I think I’m going to look around for other examples to practice on!


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