“Wacky Races” Project (part 3)

We continued work on our low poly project today – we’d all done quite a bit of work before coming together in class, so we could actually focus on assembling 90% of what we already had. I finished off the small shack I’d been working on last, since I wasn’t happy with the very bland colour scheme I’d been working with. I thought it would be better to bring the UVs into Photoshop to actually paint up something on the walls, maybe add some windows, and put some details on the doors.

There is a variances to the UVs, if only because some of the parts actually wouldn’t be updated with the “wood grain” – I wanted to keep the corner “posts” plain, as though they were all one solid pieces of wood.


I think it’s a massive improvement on the original shack I’d done previously, albeit that’s all down to the textures. I quite like the wood grain effect, which compliments the simple designs we’ve done throughout the rest of the small environment.

After this, I worked with Marc to place some of the further objects on the island and it’s a wonderful feeling to see everyone’s hard work coming together. I believe Dan is working on some roadside warning signs and Sophie was attempting to make a low poly rabbit, which would be lovely to see included in the world. Marc’s trying to get the lighting right, but we’ll be going over some of that in class next week which might help. I think our team of four should be well pleased with what we’ve managed to accomplish so far!

Other than that, here are a couple of screenshots or renders from the island Marc has taken for us to show where we’re at:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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