3D Room – Second Submission for “Thinking Inside The Box”

I managed to accomplish a number of improvements to my room project; this is all based off of the feedback I received when I originally submitted my project back in November.


Strong demonstration of modelling fundamental tools and techniques. You have created a high quality room having taken inspiration from reference images well.  Your strongest elements are your chair, which features some detailed curvatious forms that have been very well modelled, and some of the smaller details such as lamps and glasses. The angular style to certain props is good as well, such as your table and desk chair, which provides and nice contrast to your curved items. To improve further we need to see more detail in the room and by this I mean more props and different elements to the room. The mid point divider type walls are an ice touch but other than this the walls are quite bare. I understand you are going for a luxury enviroment, however, we could still add more detail to the walls. I think you could maybe look at luxurious modern apartments (Iron Man’s clifftop modern mansion maybe!) and take inspiration from those. The pillows and bed look a little uncomfortable, use soft selct to try and create a more comfortable looking bed with more rounded pillows. Try adding slight bevels to really hard edges as well – this will add a nicer specular highlight and make it look slightly more realistic.


You have clearly shown confidence with UV mapping and texturing. I really love the fabric texture you have soruced for your bed, adding really fine detail to help convey the material it is made from. You do this well throughout your whole room, for example the more square chair has a nice stone-like grey to it with really fine details. You have experimented with shaders well to simulate objects materials well. As mentioned earlier the walls really need some detail and texture to them, they are too plain at the moment. If this is the style you are going for them maybe think about strips of lights you can add to add a cleaner, pristine look. Research into emissive maps (We will conver them in class eventually) These will allow you to create a map that plugs into the incandesence attribute of a shader that will allow your models to emit light. Think about ways to texture imperfections into certain objects, such as scratches, dirt etc


You have experimented with lighting and rendering well. You have achieved a night time feeling that looks as though the room has been lit by lamps. Experiment with coloured lights more to maybe give a slight tungsten glow, I know you are doing a space theme but this could add an ever so gentle touch of realism to it. Think about the bounced light a little bit more as well, if the walls are that pristine they would probably reflect quite a lot of light. Try to set up extra lights which simulate the bounced light.


A very proffessionally undertaken and presented project, which you should be incredibly proud of. Modelling and texturing are your strongest skills at the moment, with plenty of room for extra improvement to make your work even better. Your lighting and rendering is good – continue to experiment with the points I have mentioned. Your reference images are good but quite limitted I feel, you have research into one specific game and are, I would like to see you taken inspiration from other places as well, this will help your ideas become more unique. You have created a captains cabin so you could look at pirate ship captains cabin and recreate items you see in there in a mass effect style. This would make your work even more unique! Your work is presented very proffesionally and to a very good standard, however, the submission powerpoint file does not need all the text in, it should just be a place for you to show off your work. I can read all your thoughts on your blog! Look at how proffessional 3d artists present their work and aim for something similar! I do really love how you have included your texture files in the submission. You should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved on this project and I would like to thank you for how much effort and time you have put into this project. Well done Kelly!

There were a few main things I wanted to focus on:

  1. Fix the look and “feel” of the bed – especially look into changing the pillows
  2. See about adding some lighting fixtures to the walls as further decoration
  3. Adjust the lighting to something more ambient and room-filling, rather than the darker lighting I’d had previously
  4. Edit the PowerPoint file in accordance to the suggestions above as well as include different pictures/renders

Tackling the first task, I decided to look into ncloth, which is part of the FX menu in Maya. I’ve never really looked at many of the FX options up to this point, although I did try using particle effects for one of my vehicle models a little while ago. I decided to look up a quick tutorial on how to best utilise ncloth to create a more comfortable pillow set for the top of the bed. It was only a couple minutes long but I understood it well enough to create a look I was happy with:


Here is a side-by-side comparison of the old pillow style versus the new one. I also thought to make a second duvet to go over the blanket that was originally on the bed, if only to add some realism to this being a set. Texturing the pillow was fantastically easy, despite the way it looks, and then I added a smooth to the model. I will definitely be using ncloth for any further quick projects like this, as it was so simple to use.

I decided after that to add some lighting and take the opportunity to watch a quick video about making objects glow with surface shaders. I thought it would be neat to create something that looked like glowing fluorescent lights which could then not only light the room, but also add something extra to the walls – this felt like accomplishing two tasks at once, because I could change the way my room was lit. I needed a new lighting set up anyway, since it seemed like the lights I’d originally set up in the scene weren’t saved (which seems highly improbable to me, but I accept it).

In the end, the lighting was the most challenging part of this revisit. I really like the way it’s turned out, as it seems like there is as much reliance on the room’s atmospheric lighting as there is on the outside lighting of the space outside. I love the way the shadows look on the wall and how the glow worked out on the tubes. I thought since the room was quite full of browns, greys, and yellows that a subdued white/yellow glow emanating from the wall lights would work best. I chose a more reddish/yellow colour for the bedside lamp and a brighter yellowed-white spotlight for the desk lamp, which would likely catch more of the shadows from the surrounding furniture in real life.

I’ve edited the original PowerPoint document to include all my new renders as well as show off some of the objects in a better way. I also decided to take out the large amount of text explanations I’d included, as per suggestion.

3D Room Project PP – Second Submission

While the renders are in the PowerPoint, for posterity I’d like to include them here as well. Outside of all this, I’m glad I got a quick chance to revisit this project and feel like I still managed to learn a few new things as a result. I feel like I’ll be able to confidently utilise ncloth and surface shaders in the future.

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