“Wacky Races” Project (part 2)

We continued our low poly project in class today, working off of the asset list we made last week. We’ve managed to finish quite a few of the finer details we’ll be adding to the island Marc’s been working on. Overall, I don’t think there have been many problems, outside of deciding on texturing and the final look of the models – since everyone is working on something different, it’s important to remember we need to have a cohesive look by the end of the project.

After a quick recap of some of the tools we could utilise in Maya, Matt set us to work for the rest of our class time. After checking with the others that everyone knew what they were doing, we began working through out asset list. Dan has finished off three vehicles and Marc has nearly finished off the island, so for a change of pace they did a couple of other detail assets.

I decided I was going to leave trees and rocks alone for a little bit, especially since Sophie has also been working on these and I think we may have enough, so I tried making some road signs and the beginning of a roadside shack that could be duplicated however many time we want. We could put a few of them at the end of the track, maybe with a tyre or two or a traffic cone poking out from the doors.

I really enjoyed making the signs and, since I’ve now got the UV shells, I can make any of them with different writing on them. They’re rather basic, but I think they’ll decorate the island track nicely. I’ve not quite finished the shack yet, so I have something to keep working on. Since I did the signs, I’m also going to do some of the sponsor banners you sometimes see on the side of racetracks. I’ll have to find some funnier Hanna-Barbera themed things to decorate them with.

I’m still very much enjoying this project. I did find myself trying to add details to my items that were likely unnecessarily, since we’re meant to be focusing on the basics. Instead, I’ll have to work on the textures and some extrusions/details that will add more to the things I’m making, rather than relying on extras that will just take up my polygon count.

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