Dystopian Utopia – Thumbnails (part 2)

It’s taken me a good amount of time to complete this task and I think it was extremely challenging for me, both in a good way and not – I’m glad I’ve had the practice with a pencil and paper again, but I think coming up with so many unique designs was stressful (to say the least). I understand the necessity to just let the ideas flow and not get stuck on a singular concept, but at the same time it’s easy to start repeating themes throughout the vehicles.

I tried to diversify the vehicle uses, ranging from military to civilian. Some are ground-based and will just appear shabby or shambled together. Others are stream-lined and incorporate some type of futuristic hovering/thruster mechanisms. Overall, I came up with 20 designs, as per the written project outline, but I’m not entirely happy with some of the details – that’s where the group criticism will come in extremely handy, since it’ll let me narrow down my ideas and perhaps come up with something worth taking forward to final design.


The writing is a bit difficult to see, however I have annotated key parts to each of the designs. I thought this would be useful for the group crit and for my own decision-making later down the line, once I’ve had some distance from the drawings. There are multiple vehicles on this page that I quite like; it was the first batch of drawings I drew earlier in the day, when my hand/eyes still felt fresh.


I’m not too happy with two of the designs on this page: the top left one and the bottom left one are just not drawn right. I still have issues with perspective and getting depth down right in order to portray the right idea. However, also on this page are my favourite vehicles: the portable charging landing pad and the train locomotive. There are some stranger ideas on this page, since I was looking at some of Alex Andreev’s work again which heavily features hot air balloons and blimps.


I think my designs were starting to become a bit mind-numbing at this point… but I still really like the medic vehicle and the military flyer (in the bottom left). I’m not so keen on the proportions of the fire truck, although I like the concept that the barrel is fully visible on the back of it with the giant water canon on the front. Meanwhile, I think the worst design is the civilian vehicle (middle-left of the page) with three wheels. It doesn’t work quite the way I had in my mind.

After all this, I’m just pleased to have accomplished making up this many drawings. I don’t think they’re… professional, by any means. Yet, as concept thumbnails, I think they get their point across so I can develop one of them into a 3D model!


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