Producing an Animation (part 4)

We had a quick scrum in class today to just get constructive criticism on our idents so far. I traded thoughts with Toni, who pointed out some useful things I can work on to make my animation better:

  1. Try to animate the legs a little more so they bend a bit more, since the middle of the body seems static compared to the rest. A squid in the real world would bend with all their legs and not necessarily in sync with one another.
  2. Try to lighten up the scene, since the squid seems a bit dark in the batch render compared to the brighter purples in Maya. Play more with the lighting intensity and see if that can be changed.

Other things I think I need to work on to improve the animation:

  1. I realised that the legs of the squid go through the plane set for the infinite background, after having made up the first batch render. I’ll need to move it further away from the squid and the adjust the lighting/shadows as necessary.
  2. I’d like to adjust the ease in, ease out of the animation, so the squid looks leisurely when he come onto the screen.
  3. Opposing that, I think he may need to pause a little longer and then move faster off the screen, to really capture the need to escape.
  4. I need to figure out the ink effect and decide how I plan on doing that in time for the presentation of this ident.

Overall, quite a bit left to work on in the amount of time I have!

Reflecting further on today’s class, I feel like I just fiddled with my animation’s finer points rather than making any big changes, since I had everything (mostly) in place to begin with. I did learn something new today, though, thanks to Matt. I’m going to have to look into it further; it’s about adding channels to the editor.

attributeaddFirst you go into the Attribute Editor and go to Attributes > Add Attributes, which will bring up the window on the left.

It includes all of the default controls for the nurb circle I have set to my squid. In theory, I can add new controls to the rig and then create a character set using that.

Matt showed the theory by adding the Tentacle4_Bend control, which shows up at the end of the list now as well as in the channel box after exiting the window.

attributeadd2As seen on the left here, the control is there to be used, although in this current way it doesn’t do anything. However, if I go into the Connection Editor (the window below), and connect it to the bend on the corresponding arm, then I’ll be able to manipulate the curvature of the bend without having to go into the arm itself.

I think this would also mean my character set would work correctly, since the control will now be part of the nurb circle’s channels? I’ll have to look into it a bit more closely to see if it fixes my character set problems, especially for future animations.


I’m going to have to look further into refining the animation as well as how I’m going to add the “ink” effect from After Effects – I thought it would be easier to try and get it to coincide with the name reveal already in the animation, so the name can remain independent from what I do in After Effects. Hopefully this will work out, but there’s always the option of removing the name from the Maya animation and have it reveal in After Effects instead, if I’m finding it difficult to work with.

Here’s another batch render of my latest version.



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