Dystopian Utopia – Artist Research (part 1B)

The first post can be found here.

In this next post, I’ll continue to talk about the artists I’ve looked into who I think will help me design some very interesting ideas of my own. These artists are phenomenal in their field, so I don’t hope to even come close to what they’re capable of, but I absolutely love all the different ideas they’ve come up with. Some have been used in movies, others in games, while others still are just fantastic representations of what sort of future we could expect.

Simon Stalenhag

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I’ve spoke about him in many other posts when I was researching robot designs; his name was originally dropped by Tony in class, but since then I’ve gained such a love for his artwork. He comes up with the most amazing ideas and then incorporates them flawlessly into real world environments. It makes you believe you’re actually looking at photographs from a future reality. I could have spent hours looking into his photos and drawing inspiration from him, but I thought these 8 designs were a good start to look at.

Alex Andreev

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I stumbled upon Alex Andreev just through Google searching and I’m very glad I did. His art work is sometimes light and airy, other times it’s strange and wonderful. You can see that he has an interest in including floating “things” – whether that’s vehicles like ships and trains, to entire islands or cities. His vehicle design work is simple but beautiful when combined with the rest of the details in his pictures. I really enjoyed looking through his artwork.

Paul Chadeisson

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Here’s another artist who I found by accident, but I actually did know some of his work already. He’s the co-Art Director and owner of a Parisian games company called Ragequit. He was also one of the concept artists who worked on the game Remember Me (a cyperpunk action game set in Neo-Paris). The artwork for the game is so beautiful, although it doesn’t include a lot of vehicles. Instead, Chadeissons page is just an amalgamation of all his work, whether it’s for a game his company is working on or not. He has done a lot of ship designs for games like Strike Vector EX, so the inspiration he provides in my endeavours is plentiful.

Syd Mead

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As I mentioned in the previous research post, Syd Mead feels like the source of neofuturistic concept art, especially for science fiction vehicles. He’s had his hand in the art designs for Blade Runner, Aliens, and Tron. His work for car companies, PC games, and television can be seen all over. So many other designers, directors, and artists have quoted him as being an inspiration (such as the artists for Mass Effect, who said they heavily relied on his concept designs for their own ideas). If I’m being honest, he likely should be the biggest reference I could mention while doing this research, just because of his huge repertoire of unique work.

Carlos Ezquerra/Simon Bisley/2000AD

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I don’t think this research like would be complete unless I mentioned the Judge Dredd comics. The world of Dredd is a perfect example of a dystopian future, so it seems fitting to look at the artwork for ideas. While it’s difficult to find exact pictures of vehicle designs, I think the movies take care of that in their combined existence. Instead, it’s just interesting to look at the design decisions that have been made over the years while the comic has been in print. The comic has been in print since 1977 and it’s still managed to stay popular enough to warrant two movies and a huge fan following along the way. The artwork shows everything as gritty, the humour is dark, and the designed world is brutal. Just what a dystopian society is all about.


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