Robot Design – Developed Design (part 4)

Returning back to this project from last term, I thought it was time to work on the look of my robot and start to develop it into its final design. Since I’ve become more comfortable and confident in 3D modelling (moreso in that than with my drawing skills), I thought it would be a good idea to open up Maya and model the robot from my picture.

As a reminder, this is the robot design I decided to go with after feedback from the group crit we had in class:


I was going to take some liberties with it while I modelled it, since I’ll see how things connect and go together in a 3D space, which is easier to fudge in a 2D drawing. I won’t go into high detail about how I made the model, since that isn’t what this task is about. Instead, I didn’t have to alter the design as much as I thought and I feel like I still achieved a look I’m quite happy with.


It was useful to put into practice the 3-point lighting we’ve been learning in Matt’s class, since I won’t have to figure out the shadows for myself when it comes to painting up the still render. I was also able to implement the infinite white background we’d learned about, which will make for a much easier time colouring it up.


My plan now is to bring it into Photoshop and start fiddling with colouring it, since the instructions we received for the task say, since I chose to 3D model, then I have to include the texture/painting applied in a 2D package – to me, Photoshop is what I’m most comfortable with, so it makes sense to use it. I’m planning on following the colour schemes I mentioned ages ago in my research post (found here). I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish this up for our next class on Friday, but I’ll post again (or update this post) once I have something of a finished product!

EDIT: New polished design!

Marc actually gave up some time on his computer for for me to sit with Substance Painter and see if I could get a look I like with it. It’s the first time I ever used it, but I really like the end result. I managed to paint up the colours I’d had in my mind when I’d originally started drawing my robot thumbnails, plus add a few bits of dirt, scratches, and paint cracking.


I love the way the plastic-like shielding off the body is offset by the dull gold of the leg joints. Then there’s the red ocular orb in the front, which looks really good. I think I achieved the Portal-like look, but now rather than an AT-AT, I think the robot looks more like a pet dog! I still have the idea of someone standing at the base of its feet, barely making it up to the height of the first leg gear.

Substance Painter is just on a whole other level to Photoshop, which is what I was initially going to use. However, I think (if it’s okay to) I’d like to post this version into Photoshop and add a background with an obscure shadowy-person at the base to give an idea of the size of the robot. Other than that, I think this robot design has turned out better than I anticipated.


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