Logan House Game Jam – Day 3

The final day of the jam was all about finishing off the game enough so it was semi-playable and had a first level with a majority of our assets/scripts used. Albeit, the result was a very simple demo of the overall Lab Rescue game we’d come up with in the initial planning stage. A few more scripts were added on the third day for level transitioning, which was much easier than other things we’d done for this game, since I’d done similar things a number of times in class and I could expand on that knowledge.


It was merely a matter of us all coming together to make up the level, which still took a number of hours to complete. We utilised Dropbox for sharing all of our files, although next time we should like come up with a better version control method. I think the idea and concept is quite fun and simple, especially for our first game jam, and can still be expanded on independently if we so choose (which I likely will when I have more time and distance from the stress/sleep deprivation!).

The artists in the group designed quite a funny start screen for us to use:


We intended to add an instructions screen with a background explanation of what was going on in the game, however we ran out of time. I feel like there’s so much more potential in what we’ve accomplished, but I think we were all proud of our hard work. I think 48 hours sounds like plenty of time to create something from scratch, but it’s difficult for people very new to the activity. I have a newfound appreciation for game developers who have managed to create fantastic games out of their work through a game jam (Surgeon Simulator comes to mind).

Above is a real quick demo of what we managed – it also showcases the art assets that Marc and Dean made, although more about those can likely be found on Marc’s blog as he comments about his game jam experience from that point of view. There are so many things that go into building a game and everyone has their own way of working. This experience has just shown me how important it is to have give and take amongst a group who are working together. This could be especially true in the future, when I may not have a choice of who I’m working with and have been assigned to a team of people instead of my friends.

A build of the game is also available here via my Dropbox.

My final reflections on the entire endeavour are I’m glad I did it, but I did have my ups and downs about it all. I feel like I learned a tremendous amount, however there are a number of things I’d like do differently next time. If nothing else, one thing I do feel is that I’m much more prepared to tackle any potential game jams we might participate in through the school!


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