Portfolio Presentation

This is just a very quick post reflecting on the portfolio presentation I gave to the staff on Monday morning. While I do feel it went all right, I know that there are further improvements I can make to develop the portfolio even further.

To start with, unfortunately it seems like I’ve forgotten what it’s like to focus on time management during a school presentation – I severely went over my ten minutes time limit, so I have to learn to let my work speak for itself. Aside from that, I think I covered most of the important things I learned in the first three months of school.

Afterwards, the teachers gave verbal feedback and everything seemed quite positive. Eventually, we also received some written feedback. Mine was as follows:

Great presentation. With some simple changes this could be improved a whole lot. Some ambient occlusion in your 3D scene would give greater depth, and merging your uv shells together (if not using normal maps) you could do edge damage and wear. This could be achieved in Mudbox, but we’ll cover this later. Think about subdivisions in 3D models and if it doesn’t change the silhouette or change the direction you don’t need it (generally!) Your invented artwork is far superior to your observed work. Saying that, by doing more observed work your 2D skills will get better.

I really appreciate the above feedback, as it gives me something to focus on when we come back to school. I now have access to Substance Painter and I think this could help with adding more depth to my 3D models, as suggested. It also is a brilliant tool for adding normal maps, damage, wear and tear, etc. I’ll be utilising it as we are given more time to work on our 3D rooms in Matt’s lessons. I also know I need to re-focus my art skills by practising more during the days we’re not in lessons. It’s nice to see the pros and cons of what I’ve been doing so far.

In any case, I hope to continue to improve my 2D and 3D art as suggested, but also work on my other skills. Game design and programming is what I came to this course for and I feel like, so far, I’ve learned a lot.

Here is the PowerPoint file made for the presentation.

For easier access and future reference, I’ll include a link to the PowerPoint presentation I made. When it comes to the end of the year, I’ll be able to compare this mid-term version to the final one!



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