3D Room – Final Submission for “Thinking Inside The Box”

I apologise in advance, but this blog will contain a lot of links to cover all of the deliverables and as many references/details about the project as possible.

Research Blog Post

This is the post for my original research into the room project. I posted about my plan as well as sources of inspiration (including the in-game room photos). The one thing I found that, after working on the project for a while, I did deviate from my original ambitions. I think projects tend to evolve the more you work on them, which is certainly what happened here. I found that certain things worked well and other things didn’t; I liked the idea that I could use more realistic textures in the room rather than going for a painted/cartoon-like quality.

Work In Progress Posts (Modelling the Room)

3D Room – Modelling (part 2)

3D Room – More Modelling (part 3)

3D Room – Continued Modelling (part 4)

3D Room – Modelling Complete (part 5)

I posted four subsequent blog entries about my modelling efforts, including pictures and reflections on the tools I was learning to use. There were some that we were shown in class during previous modelling lessons, but I also added some new knowledge. I learned to properly use the bevelling tool, inserting edge loops, making half a model and mirroring it for the best results, bridging gaps or filling holes, and further use of booleans. There was so much I could apply from course content and tutorials I read online, I feel that my skills have massively improved from when I first began working with Maya.

PowerPoint File

Here is the PowerPoint file that contains the bulk of my submission. In it, I include various photographs of renders, textured models, and UV sets, as well as further thoughts written out on most of the slides.

Unity Build

Dropbox Link – Here is the link to the room uploaded into Unity. Both the .exe file and the Data folder will needed to be downloaded to run it – this can be done from the link in the top-right corner of the Dropbox screen.

Unfortunately, a lot of the textures don’t work in Unity at the moment. Doing a little bit of searching on the internet, I found out that Unity doesn’t accept multiple UV sets and only uses the UV set 0 when models are imported from Maya. I thought it was a bit too easy to be true! However, now knowing this, I will be able to put a bit more time and forward-planning into bringing models from Maya to Unity. I don’t know about baking the textures into the models and importing them, so that’s another possibility that will fix my issues. Hopefully since we’ll still be given more time to work on these rooms after this submission, I will have found out more information about working between Maya and Unity.

Sketchfab Links

Here is the link for one of the three items I’m proud of from the project. It is the curved chair and I still think it looks great.

The desk chair has become my favourite model I’ve done in this whole project. This is the link to the Sketchfab page for it. I don’t think I could be happier with the results of the time and effort I put into it.

Finally, the link for the desk lamp. I still realise that it’s not that complicated a model, but in my opinion that wasn’t the point of choosing what we’re proud of. I know how much was involved in making it, from the planning to the mistakes to what’s seen here. For all that, I’m very proud of myself.

Thoughts On The Whole Process

This is just to add to all the other things I’ve written about “Thinking Inside The Box”:

I think this whole exercise/project has been really good for someone like me. I never had aspirations of being able to model or create environments for games, but now I feel like I could do something far better than anything I’ve made in the past. With the skills I’ve acquired, I can revisit previous projects and upgrade them. I’m also very eager to keep learning new things in Maya or experiment with exporting from Maya into other pieces of software (such as Unity).

The biggest criticism I have of myself is that I may have deviated too much from what one thinks the inside of a traditional spaceship room would look like. Thinking on the design, though, I liked the idea that this is still someone’s room, even if it’s in space. The captain of a ship would have some further luxuries, probably based on where they originated from. They would still have bed linens that are inviting, couches or chairs that are easy to sit in for hours, and normal pieces of furniture that should exist in a bedroom. It’s the textures of the walls and floors that makes it seem like it’s in a ship; I think this contradiction in styles is actually something I’m fond of. If I were living on a ship, I would still want some comforts from home with me in my room.

I also had some issues with time management. With a project like this, it’s easy to get caught up in all the things you could do and forget about what you should do in the time that’s been given. To start off with, having a list of assets I wanted to include in the room was essential and helped me tremendously. Despite this, there are so many other things I will include as we’re given more time to work on this project, whether that be in our free time or in class. Overall, I think what I have is well done for my first modelling project.

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