VFX – Company Logo (part 2)

This is a very quick update on the next steps of creating my company logo. Work on it has been (and will continue to be) meticulous and methodical, but probably take much longer than I realised. Earlier last week, I had a chat with Peter about ideas for adding effects to my company logo. In the end, I’m pleased with the final result of the static image, but I did have to make one minor alteration to the design after someone pointed it out to me: the d-pad wasn’t quite shaded correctly.

This change might seem inconsequential, but for someone who has stared at this design for a long while during drawing it, I think it makes all the difference. I’m now perfectly pleased with the design, so it was just a matter of putting Peter’s suggestions into practice.

I think the idea was that I will capitalised on the stylised graphic and turn it into a Tetris pixel animation. The plan is to re-create the image in After Effects, using the base design as a template, with small 3 x 3 square shapes. It seemed like 3 x 3 was the best size for this, but it means there will likely be thousands of squares by the time I’m done. At the time of making this post, I’m on square/layer number 457 and I’ve barely finished the bottom of the controller:



I know that the work will be “tedious” if only because it’s a lot of repetition; I need to duplicate the most recent layer, change the position by 10 in whichever direction is needed, then rinse/repeat. However, despite all of that, I feel like this will look really good in the end. The plan will be to have all the pixel squares tumble down from out of screen at different speeds, into their appropriate spaces, in a few seconds. While it might not be Tetris, the fast action combined with the pixel-like squares should make it look rather retro.

Although my time has been taken up with bigger projects and looming submission dates, I would really like to have this finished before our portfolio presentations and to get Peter’s opinion on it. This means putting in some extra time to see what works and what doesn’t. Since this will be such a short effect, I need to make sure that the squares don’t get completely jumbled together and the look of the logo isn’t ruined as a result.

I’ll also need to be careful not to get lost among the hundreds of squares – I think at this point I’m going to organise my layers a little more. Knowing about Null Objects after our in-class exercises, they will come in extremely useful for this massive undertaking. Organising the squares by lines, where Line 1 is the base of the controller and the numbers rise from there, could be a good way of doing it. That way when it comes to dropping the squares, I’ll roughly know in which order they need to start falling, rather than accidentally animating a square from further up before it has the square below it to fall onto.

Overall, though, I’m extremely excited to see the finished product, so I shall persevere!

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