2nd Christmas Game – Adding Graphics (part 2)

This is just a quick post about some of the progress since mid-week. While a lot of our outside time has gone into our 3D room project, Marc and I have managed to further work on the second Christmas game we could submit with all the others – at the moment, I don’t think it’s quite done yet, but there’s still time to polish it up once we’ve comfortably finished work on our rooms.

This time, it boiled down to editing a little bit of the code and adding in the graphics Marc came up with. I didn’t have a ton to do with this part, outside of mentioning that the canvas itself is the basic 550 x 440 size, so the object within would likely be quite small. In the tutorial, I think the player’s character is a circle that’s 25px by 25px. The bells and bird were about the same, so we decided it would be easiest to work within (about) the same sizes.

In the end, Marc mentioned it could be a good idea if Santa would change which way he was facing depending on which way he was jumping. Since the main character of the game follows the player’s mouse movements (so the script is already there for that), I didn’t see why this would be a big issue. I mentioned it quickly to Ant, who said there were a number of ways to do this:

The first option was you could have Santa transform when the mouse is to his left (so he’s flipped on the vertical and facing left) or to his right. To me, this sounds like one of the easier ways to do it without messing around with frames in the scene, which is the second option. You could have one frame with Santa facing one way, and then a second frame with him the opposite way, so you could then call on the frames depending on which way he was meant to be.

In the meantime, I thought it was best to get the graphics into the game and see how they work with what we had in mind. Marc gave me three: the Santa main character, the reindeer (which was going to replace the bird), and a present (which would take the place of the bells). While I could have altered the code to change the reference of bells, birds, and mc, I thought it was just as easy to edit the library symbols; I would just replace the stand-in assets with the graphics I was given.

Overall, I liked the graphics Marc came up with. Popping them into the game was a five minute job. Here’s a link to the game as it stands right now. I changed a few of the numbers in the game, as well as the background snow to be circles rather than squares, because that was just bothering me from the beginning.

While there are some improvements I mentioned in my last post that still haven’t been done (like the scoring system and the music), I still think it’s working out really well. Then again, I might be biased because I’ve had to play it so many times since we first started!  Hopefully it will continue to get some of my attention before it’s needed for submission.


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