Lamp Animation (part 2)

Playblast link for the current work:

Work on our animations progressed in class as I continued to refine the movements of my lamp – today was more about honing in on the motions in between the set poses, trying to create fluid action. Critique of my lamp animation from last time made me realise that the movements were still very staggered/jerky as well as far too quick.

However, we were given some time to work before we would engage in a class QA session. These are important in any of our classes, as peer review is what will help us make our work better – constructive criticism in this instance would be extremely useful, since you become dull to the small movements of your rig while you continuously watch it in loop to pick out what to improve.

Some of the feedback I received was as follows:


  • There is some good anticipation in the animation – I’ve included a backside wiggle and crouch before the jump, to show the audience something is about to happen.
  • Arcing is key to any sort of jump – the lamp successfully forms one while jumping across the scene.
  • There is some small use of ease in/out – this occurs at the beginning and the end of the jump, although it could be better and more obvious.
  • Some very minor squash/stretch, as much as a solid lamp can – he squashes to prep for the jump, stretches, squashes again in the middle of his jump, then stretches for the landing.


  • I need to slow down the motions and overall scene timeline, as the actions are occurring too quickly for any detail to be seen.
  • There could be more follow-through with the head while jumping
  • Adjust the keyframes (seems more like straight ahead rather than pose to pose)

Taking into consideration the comments that were made about my animation, I was having some trouble making my animation seem smoother until Matt came along and explained the graph editor in a little more depth.

Although it’s a little difficult to see, this is the translate X graph for the base of my lamp. On the left was how it looked at first, which is likely why the jump seemed extremely staggered. It didn’t look like a smooth line, which would make for a smooth jump. What I could actually do was delete the individual keyframes until there was a smooth upward slope. This should stop the jerky feeling of my lamp’s movements.

I did this myself on one of the other axis (Y) for the jump.

Rather than a nice hill, I had a few kinks in my lines. Smoothing out those kinks resulted in a much nicer forward motion. The lamp looked less stop-and-go, however I still feel like the animation moves too quickly. That will be the next edit I need to invest time in; changing where the key frames fall so that the animation doesn’t move so quickly.


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